When we retired and moved to LaGrange several years ago, a high priority was to establish a relationship with a top-notch dentist, one we could count on to help us avoid  trouble and rectify any damage that might occur.  We talked with a significant number of people, one of whom was a highly regarded medical professional at Emory Clarke-Holder who suggested that Dr. James Tyrer was as good as we could possibly associate with in this area.

We are very grateful for that recommendation because James and his TEAM have proven to be OUTSTANDING.  Over the years, we have had the occasion to interact with every person from the front office staff to the professionals who take care of our regular check-up and cleanings to the assistants that so ably help when serious work has to be done (and we have had that happen more than once) to the Doctor himself.

He has state-of-the-art equipment that we have seen upgraded more than once even in the relatively short time we have been under his care. He obviously takes his profession very seriously.

His patients are always his highest priority.  When we have had major procedures, they have been done with care, and the follow-up has been personal and very considerate. To say we are pleased would be an extreme understatement.  Dr. Tyrer and his TEAM are extraordinary and recommending them is a pleasure!

Patrick (PJ) O’Hare

Dr. Tyrer has been my dentist for a few years now.  I get all of my regular check ups and cleanings from him and his friendly staff.  For the past couple (more like ten) years, my front teeth were growing crooked.  This was hard for me confidence-wise as I was embarrased to show my teeth when I smiled.  Dr. Tyrer worked a miracle!  I now have beautiful straight teeth that I would have paid a lot more for.  Thank you Dr. Tyrer.

Gail Lawhon

Five years ago, I left California relunctantly leaving my dentist for over thirty years.  I went to numerous dentists in LaGrange for minor problems and maintenance, but never had a good enough feeling about any of them to call them my regular dentist.  Dr. Tyrer was recommended to me by a friend, and I have been going to him for over two years now without any bad experiences.  I refer to Dr. Tyrer as my dentist, and I actually enjoy going to his office for my dental needs.  I believe Dr. Tyrer and his caring staff want his patients comfortable and at ease.

Janet Ruggles

I am so impressed with this group. From the moment I placed my first call, they have been nothing but super nice. I am so glad to be a patient here and that my voice is heard in my treatment plan. Thank you all for your kindness and professionalism.

Bonita Jackson Reed